Southwest Airlines

May 2016 - Nov 2019 

Position: Microservices Architec     
Dec 2018 - Nov 2019

• Support architectural decisions on the next iterations of our AWS environments.
• Develop and design automations to manage infrastructure.
• Ensure data and infrastructure design comply with best practices and safety standards.
• Research and analyze data processing functions, methods, and procedures.
• Perform root cause analysis in production problems and determine elements of action for prevention and resolution.
• Work with automation, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and artificial vision technologies to improve system reliability and performance.

Position: Java Troubleshooting and Tunning Engineer
Jun 2017 - Dec 2018

• Identify root causes of slow application startups in enterprise systems.
• Monitor application metrics and statistics to identify performance issues.
• Identify bottlenecks related to networking, deadlocks, and database performance.
• Perform administrator settings to extract and replicate software defects.
• Diagnose and adjust latest integrated extract available since its launch.
• Develop and configure monitoring tools for web services, databases, Unix servers, and networks.
• Compile server metrics and applications for analysis.
• Configure and create dashboards for real-time application monitoring.
• Analyze application performance in production environments.
• Configure system architecture for deployments and critical application launches.

Position: Support Engineer
May 2016 - May 2017

• Provided support for applications in production environments.
• Resolved incidents, tasks, and requests for services.
• Analyzed problems to identify the root cause.
• Controlled and administered changes.
• Assisted end users with their applications.
• Documented improvements and defects for applications.
• Supported critical applications.
• Managed incident responses for high production issues.